The story of King Boogie

King Boogie second hardcover printing is here!!

King Boogie second hardcover printing is here!!

Earlier today I was reminded by my old friend Facebook that my first book arrived in hardcover four years ago. While I usually don't pay much attention to these reminders of years passed, this one was caught my attention for a couple reasons.

First off, it was surprising to think about the four years between that book arriving and today. I never planned on writing anything besides that one single book but I am now seeing my fifth book come to life in as many years. Second, I never believed that there would be a demand for me to print a second hardcover edition of the book. It was just something silly to do so I could say I did it; nothing more. 

What started off as a fun way to write a love letter to my son and other new and stressed-out parents became God's way of sending me on a path I had never dreamed. This silly story opened the floodgates for many more ideas and the incredible support I received inspired me to bring those stories to life. 

Thank you King Boogie for being my starting point on this journey. Thank you Liam for giving me all the material I could have dreamed for when I wrote this book and, lastly, thank you to everyone who has purchased this book and told Boogie's story to your loved ones. You wonderful people are why a second hardcover printing was needed and is now available. Thank you!

- N.D.